Sail and Sacrifice

Gameplay Mechanics

In this single player open-world adventure game, experience the life of an 18th century pirate, making decisions that impact the rich, dynamic world. Explore the islands, amass a crew, sail the seas, and make a name for yourself in The Archipelago. You will be the captain of your own pirate fantasy!

Explore The Archipelago - See that giant skull in the distance? The massive volcano? Tall towers overlooking the sea? Anything the light touches is yers to discover. With 25 islands to explore, Sail and Sacrifice offers over 25 hours of immersive gameplay. The tribal, pirate, and Spanish architecture near the mountains and shorelines are filled with civilization, wildlife, and opportunity.

Captain a Ship - Expand yer crew, choose yer First Mate, decide the share for each member, and have them follow ye into battle. Gain respect by sinking ships and fencing enemies land and at sea. Spend yer treasure on a variety of ships and weapon types to strike harder.

Choose yer Allies - The Kalinago natives look to their three Gods for help against the rise of piracy under immortal Captain Warden and the oppression of Spanish Prince Burgés who claims divine right over the others. But there is more to this war than meets the eye. Take sides as the dynamic story and its characters change around you.

Live the Fantasy - Sail and Sacrifice brings ye to the world of pirates, getting drunk on tavern rum, singing sea shanties, and enjoying the witty conversations. All the while, discover ancient temples built by the natives that contain powerful artifacts. Visit the royal Spanish palace to admire their zoo animals, Renaissance paintings, and fine wine.

Environment Design

Our professional environment designer, George Hulm, helped us develop beautiful and optimized visual techniques for Archipelago to improve the lighting, foliage, and visual effects. The world comes alive with its wildlife, including penguins, birds, frogs, crabs, dolphins, sharks, sting rays, and more!

We carefully craft each part of our world to provide a unique and memorable gameplay experience. Each corner of the world feels interesting to explore with new challenges at every location. The tribal, pirate, and Spanish architecture placed around the mountains and shorelines are filled with life, history, and opportunity.

Narrative Design

Robert Warden, a notorious pirate captain

Jacobo Alonso Burgés, a wealthy Spanish pirate hunter

Kalinago Origins, the natives of the Archipelago

Original Soundtrack

We care about how Sail and Sacrifice sounds. Not only is the ambience filled with sounds of nature, waves, and cannons, but with a full original soundtrack. Our composer, Robert Mai, composed various styles of music for each tribe, the pirate captain, and the Spanish royalty, drawing attention to the cultures of each region. Our dynamic soundtrack also seamlessly adjusts music style depending on the pace of gameplay. At different times, feel inspired, haunted, energized, and relaxed.

CAGE Studios took a trip to a music studio Fall 2017 to record pirate shanties, including original shanties as well as some of the classics. These shanties will replace the orchestral music while the player sails the high seas.

Unreal Engine 4

Powerful Technology

We use the Unreal Engine 4 game engine to build Archipelago. Thanks to its high quality graphics, AAA-software, and large community, we are able to create an immersive world for the player to freely explore, battle, and conquer. The terrain, foliage, times of day, and lighting all contribute to the atmosphere of the vast world.

Unreal Engine powers hundreds of games, simulations, films, and visualizations with a large community of developers to assist with any hurdles.

We intend to release our game on PC and (hopefully) Mac and make it available through Steam for digital distribution.

Kickstarter Campaign

Supportive Community

Our wonderful fans on Kickstarter successfully crowdfunded enough to make Sail and Sacrifice (formerly Archipelago: A Pirate's Tale) possible. In just one month, we raised $7000 that has paid for our environment designer, soundtrack composer, and countless other valuable assets needed to bring this game to life.

Our supportive community provides valuable feedback as we release each version to guide us to produce more enjoyable content. We continue to post updates on our Kickstarter page, so check it out if you're eager for more. Enjoy our Kickstarter trailer video here (yes, a lot has improved since then).