About CAGE Studios

Our Mission

To create games that bring players together to problem-solve and explore immersive worlds that no other form of entertainment can portray.

Our Story

Salaar Kohari (Co-Founder & Developer) has programmed games since third grade. With Gameplay Engineering experience at Sony Santa Monica and a Master's in Computer Graphics, he is prepared to take on the technical and design challenges required for shipping polished, fun player mechanics and game loops.

Gabriel Langlois (Co-Founder & Developer) has developed games since early childhood, now with Unreal Tech Art experience at Wonderstorm and PUBG, and degrees in Game Design and Computer Science. He combines passion for deep systems with proficiency in Unreal UI, optimization, and art across platforms.

Salaar and Gabriel started making games the day they became friends in Egypt in 2011, founding CAGE Studios LLC in 2017. Sail and Sacrifice (May 2019) was our first commercial game. Several prototypes later, we decided our next project: Sherwood Extreme (April 2024). Minhul joined the team and sibling duo in 2020-2021 before joining AAA game development. With practical experience from our professional and indie careers, we strive to create wonder through deep mechanics and colorful 3D worlds.

Our Team

Salaar Kohari

Co-Founder & Developer

Gameplay Engineer and Designer
"The Ambitious"

Gabriel Langlois

Co-Founder & Developer

Tech Artist, Designer, and Unreal Guru
"The Unstoppable"

Minhul Kohari


Efficient and Empathetic Leader
"The Foundation"