About CAGE Studios

Our Mission

To create interactive experiences that bring players together to problem-solve and explore immersive worlds that no other form of entertainment can portray.

Our History

Salaar Kohari (Game Director) has programmed games since the third grade. With AAA game industry experience on God of War and a Master's in Computer Graphics, he is prepared to take on the technical and design challenges required for shipping fun experiences.

Gabriel Langlois (Lead Developer) has developed games since early childhood, now with experience on several shipped titles and a dual degree in Game Design and Computer Science. His intense passion drives him to craft creative experiences with an obssessive attention to detail.

Minhul Kohari (Producer) is an engineer and artist with a project management background who has found video game production to be the perfect fit for her unique skillset. Her creative and technical management abilities allow her to effectively organize the development team.

Gabriel and Salaar started making games the day they became friends in Egypt in 2011. In 2017, our dreams became reality as we founded CAGE Studios LLC and created our first commercially-ready game: Sail and Sacrifice (May 2019). Several prototypes later, we decided on our next indie title: Sherwood Extreme (estimated Q2 2021). With boundless experience from our first shipped title and a growing team on deck, this game will be leagues ahead of the last.

Our Team

Salaar Kohari

Co-Founder & Game Director

Shipped AAA and indie games, Master's in Computer Graphics

Gabriel Langlois

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Experienced game developer, dual degree in Computer Science and Game Design

Minhul Kohari

Producer & Community Manager

Experienced project manager and designer, degree in Mechanical Engineering