Extreme Gameplay

Speed-running action meets slow-motion sniping!

Looking for a high-speed, yet casual game where you can team up with friends and challenge a growing community? Grab your crossbow and spring into action!

Sherwood Extreme is a FREE outrageous arcade shooter where you save the kingdom as a hobby and team up with friends in beautiful low-poly environments. Zipping, swinging, goblin flinging, slow-mo sniping slaughter! Wishlist now!

  • Swing, Flip, Kaboom - Use zip-lines, swinging ropes, bouncy mushrooms, and cannons to move through the air at top speeds, exploding and sniping every goblin you come across.

  • Team Up in Co-Op - Work with friends to complete challenges and top the leaderboards. Master thousands of level variants with speed and precision to achieve global recognition!

  • Loot Treasure - Collect shinies to unlock outfits, weapons, and challenges. Execute your playstyle and make bold fashion statements on the battlefield!

  • Laugh in Danger's Face - Discover silly secrets throughout Sherwood kingdom and earn higher scores by destroying goblins in the most ridiculous ways!

Unique World

Robin Hood is back, more Extreme than ever.

Our level designers have crafted non-linear environments for players to get familiar with, from classics such as Sherwood Forest and Nottingham, to the spooky Mushroom Cave and Volcano River!

We carefully refine each part of our world to provide a memorable gameplay experience. Each corner of the world is meant to be traversed and remembered for adventurers and speedrunners alike.

Original Soundtrack

Composed By Alex Wyler, Danny Mulligan and Lane Meyer

Sherwood Extreme's original soundtrack lives up to its namesake. Composers Alex Wyler, Danny Mulligan, and Lane Meyer produced music by fusioning the whims of medieval bards with the magic of modern production.

In-game music can be affected by quests, levels and location! Keep an eye out for mechanics like "Trap Remix" that changes soundtracks and fills the level with traps, naturally.

Unreal Engine 4

Next-gen tech meets classic gameplay

We use the Unreal Engine 4 game engine to build our games. Thanks to its high quality graphics, AAA-software, and large community, we are able to create an immersive worlds for players. The welding of UE4's bleeding-edge graphics in combination with our stylized aesthetic makes for a truly unique game experience.

Unreal Engine powers hundreds of games, simulations, films, and visualizations with a large community of developers to assist with any hurdles.

Our game is available on PC (Mac and Console coming soon) through Steam for digital distribution.